Friday, December 11, 2009

Well roast my nuts, it's Christmas!

I was on my lunch today and head up to the Superstore to grab a bite to eat and it hit me that it is indeed Christmas time. Other than the fact I should be smart enough to look on a calendar or just instinctively know what time of year it is, being out in the hustle and bustle of all the shopping just confirms it. It's such a great time of year, the crowds have increased hence the traffic as well. People are running to and from with their shopping to do lists and making sure little Tommy gets the newest toy on the market and is the most popular now as well Dad gets that new pair of slippers and little Sally gets her new puppy. Yes, the crowds are a plenty and people are cutting people off in malls an shopping stores, bumping into one another yet no one says sorry or holds a door for anyone. Cars speeding about in urgency to get to the next shopping place as the last one didn't have the touch me Elmo in stock and are almost peeing their pants with anticipation that the next store they get to has it. So speed! Drive as fast as you can and don't pay attention to all that's around you for you live in your world and yours alone! Forget the fact that you just cut someone off at the lights or switched lanes without looking and sans signal light. Yes Virginia, it's Christmas time again.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver but I do keep a sharp eye out while driving and I'm not saying this isn't normal. I'm just saying it's worse due to the increased traffic and more people need to be out there and get their shit done asap. Whatever happened to people remembering we're all here on this spinning blue ball (haha, blue ball), sharing it together? Why can't people talk to one another or at least say Hello, Sorry about that, Here you go(holding door open) or Merry Christmas? Somewhere along the way, we went wrong with interacting with one another and now we just go about with our heads down or looking straight ahead and don't acknowledge one another. Of course we're all safe and fine to talk to each other on chat sites etc and can say what we want and do what we want because all we have to do if we don't want to talk to each other on there or get rid of someone is simply delete, block or remove them. Ah, so easy. No one is comfortable anymore with having a face to face conversation about any topic now and we all hide safely inside our warm homes behind a computer. It's Christmas people, it's suppose to be a time to put all bullshit aside and be civil and celebrate it for what it is.

I could babble on and on but I won't. Anyone that is reading this right now is thinking, thank God D, you need to stop being so negative. Am I being negative about a positive thing? I don't think so, just merely expressing what we should be doing this time of year.

So here's to another year and to Christmas. Get together with friends and family however you do it, be it a dinner, a party, going home to see family, watching Christmas specials or just getting piss drunk. Everyone should hang out together at some point during the upcoming holidays and enjoy each others company. For myself this year, I am going to see friends at different functions and get togethers and spend Christmas day with good ol' fam. As for Christmas Eve, I will be celebrating my long time tradition of watching "Lethal Weapon" as I do every year and have so for a long time. I know it sounds weird right? But that's the thing. Everyone can do something that suits them at Christmas regardless the tradition. For me, it's that movie. It does take place during Christmas so there. Bite me.

Now, remember what this holiday is about, enjoy each other and remember Jebus. It's his birthday. Ask Santa to get him a new pair of sandals or an etchasketch. (however you spell that)

There ain't no party like an S club party.


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