Monday, December 28, 2009

The end is here!!

Well, the end of the year that is. Happy holidays, Seasons greetings and a Happy new year to all you kids out there who are actually reading my blogs. I was going to do a "Best of 2009" blog but I wasn't sure on what topic to do it on. So I'll just continue with a rant about nothing and everything. Weeeeee.
How was your year? Any highlights that stick out for you? I have some.

1. Feb. 2009 - Getting my Ava girl. I can honestly say that there is no regret on getting her. She stood out from the rest of the dogs at that crazy kennel at the SPCA. I remember walking in and all the dogs are going nuts, barking and howling and I come across her cage and she's laying in her bed looking scared. I call her by her name and she gets up wagging her tail and sniffs my hand, goes back and lays down. She's just as calm and great as the day I met her. Make fun if you wish, but probably my biggest highlight. AND if anyone out there is ever thinking of getting a cute little puppy or kitty, go to the SPCA. There are tons of dogs and cats you can choose from, trust me, I've been there and seen the "average" amount of pets they get. It sickens me that pet stores still sell new pups and kitties. Think about it the next time you want a new pet, for every new animal bought at a commercial store, there's probably a pet in line at the SPCA that could have been rescued and will end up being put down simply because there's no room and a new pet came in and needs that room.

2. June 2009 - My back goes out on me. Oh what a memory that is. If you haven't ever had your back go out on you, I highly recommend it, what fun! To be laid up for almost 3 weeks on my couch, my brain turning to even more mush than it is with watching more TV that I've ever cared to watch. I watched such great shows as "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and tons of movies. Thank you internet. Haha. The sheer pain I experienced with trying to move was one of mind numbing pain and if you ever wanted to hear me yelp out in pain, this was the time. Thank you back, for fucking up on me and giving me the gift that will now keep on giving for the rest of my days.

3. September 2009 - Learning that I have a blood pressure problem. After a few nosebleeds and crazy headaches, I decide to look into the issue and find that my bp was at 154 over 101. Not good considering average is 120 over 80. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact I stopped exercising and thought it was good to eat more junk than the right foods and let work stress me out really bad? No, that couldn't have been it. At this point, I feel like 35 going on 70. Super duper.

4. Michael Jackson dies. Crazy. Funny how one guy is ridiculed and talked about in a negative way but when he dies, the same people come out saying how great he was and he was the talent of the world and he'll be missed. I think they'll miss him because they won't be able to make fun of him anymore. I was never a huge fan and yes, I had the Thriller album, I was 10 for crying out loud, but he was talented and I give props where due and he was up there. I wonder, is Elvis up there now kicking his ass for marrying Lisa Marie?

5. The balloon boy. Everyone knows this story so I'll keep it short. I would love to meet the father and kick his fame seeking ass.

6. Jessica Biel finally doing a nude scene in "Powder blue". Thank you Jessica and thank you Jebus.

I'll stop at that but I do have more. Maybe another time. At this time I'd like to thank the following for my Christmas presents.
Steve, thanks for the hot air popcorn maker. Once I use up that bag of popcorn kernels I bought from the boy scouts, I'll think about buying them again for future use.
Mom and Dad, thanks for the gift cards, they make great gifts.
Lori, the money clip is pimpin', God love ya.
Chris, the Boba Fett pen kicks ass.
Sara, thanks for the card, you are the only one that sent me one this year. I love you, man.
Thanks to all who came to my potluck gathering, it was fun and I had a great time being surrounded by friends. Deidre, your toblerone cheesecake was mesmerizing. Loretta, your drumstick cake kicked ass.

I've babbled enough........carry on.


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