Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So, you want to see my junk?

Okay. A guy was caught in Detroit with explosives in his underwear. That in itself opens room for so many jokes.
Then, the U.S. spanks Amsterdam for this guy getting on the plane and getting on to U.S. soil. So what happens next? Everyone panics and now we have to be thoroughly checked even more when we want to travel in to the U.S. They will now hand search your carry ons and carry ons are very limited now and part of this new policy was created by us, the Canadians. Great, eh? Is that Harpers way of kissing Obama's ass? "Hey buddy, up here in the Great white north, we got your throw me a bone.......please?"
How often does this happen for one? How often is a "terrorist" caught with some sort of weapon on him that would be dangerous to the public? I admit that when it happens, yes, it should raise concern but let's not be so paranoid as to taking away rights of everyone that wants to travel and be more secure with how we travel. I believe this happened due to the fact Obama's approval rating dropped significantly recently and something needed to happen so he'd come out smelling like roses with being Mr. Tough guy laying down the law on what happened and scolding Amsterdam.
First off Mr. President. It's Amsterdam. Home of great beer, the red light district and great brownies (so I hear). Secondly Barak Hussein Obama, they guy was caught by your crack team of agents at the airport and problem solved. Shit is going to happen and slip through the cracks now and then as we are all human. Lighten up. It's called life. Hey, maybe you can do another TV special with Oprah (surprise) and talk about the issue and make yourself look even more like a super hero celebrity.
So now in an answer to the situation, Amsterdam is now installing X-ray scanners that when you pass through, you will be seen naked on the screen. Everything God gave ya will be displayed to complete strangers so they can make sure you aren't carrying any shit on you that you aren't supposed to which would be considered an immediate threat to others. Remember the good old days of a good pat down and metal scanners as well the occasional strip searches? Ah the memories. Now everyone will partake in the joys of exposing themselves to some checkpoint agent at the airport who will probably get their jollies from seeing some people au natural and soon enough, it will spread to North America. So start working out, get that boob lift, tummy tuck and tone up! You'll be the next contestant on "Let's see whatcha got!" if you ever want to travel outside of the country. Pretty soon we won't even be able to sneeze without having to submit a form for approval, have our nasal cavities scanned and a hand put our ass. I'm simply saying sure, take care of a problem but where do we draw the line?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the gym and am scheduled for a really big penis enhancement.
The cream just doesn't work.


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