Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Space........the final frontier

Salutations all!
I want to start off with saying something about 2010. Ya know how everyone is bombarding their fb pages with "It's my year", "This is going to be my year!" and so on? Well guess what fuckers? IT IS my year. Thanks to Sue for bringing it to my attention. I was born in the year of the Tiger and guess what? It is once again the year of the Tiger. Since I was born, the year of the Tiger was in 1990 and 98. So wannabes out there, step back and bow down bitches. It's my year and I'm going to own it. Those of you who oppose, dry your eyes, blow your nose and suck it up. Yeah! Yeah!
That being said, I want to acknowledge Sue once again for a dream she had and the main part had to do with Hitler at Wal-mart. Don't go judging her for the dream, there's much more to it but the part that made me really laugh was picturing Hitler at Wal-mart. I can see him in full uniform and then a traditional blue smock on with buttons and pins all over it. Hahaha. "Nine! You can't return zis pair of jeans. Zey are yours! You paid, you must keep zem!!!". I'd hate to hear his views on breaks and schedule adherence. Oh wait, I still hear the same type of views he'd have but from other people now at work.
Some of you may think that is a bad thing to talk about but hey, it was a dream and you have to admit, Hitler at Wal-mart is pretty funny.
So I hear on the radio that Mr. Obama himself spoke of a report that U.S. intelligence were aware of the underwear bomber guy on Christmas day from the moment the plan was hatched. Why they didn't act on it until he reached America, I have no idea. Then he mentions of no more transfers of known terrorists/prisoners from Guantanmo bay to Yemin due to the fact they let one guy go as they deemed him not dangerous and it turns out he was one of the head guys in al qaeda. Nice. Way to let that guy go. U.S. intelligence. Isn't that an oxymoron? Hahahaha. It's funny how when something good is about to be done by the U.S., it seems that something happens to back up reasoning to the good about to happen so they can continue on with doing such things. Like for instance, we are about to see the closing of Guantanomo bay but wait, due to the recent attempt on U.S. soil and letting one very bad individual get away, does that mean the bay will stay open? Or will it be solely privately run without our knowledge thinking that it has closed? What about the talk of troops being pulled out in 2011? At this point I shall let the conspiracies present themselves as they happen. I don't truly know what will happen but something always does so the great and strong U.S. of A. can continue on with things mankind shouldn't be allowing.
Wow. That rant got serious. You'd think I was an old X-file fan or something from reading that. Perhaps I should take up knitting and learn to shut my mouth. Meh, fuck it.

Rock on.


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