Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy like a Fox.

So Fox news has hired Sarah Palin. Bravo. You have now surpassed the limit needed to qualify to ride on the extra short bus. This is the TV channel that has torn Obama apart since he became president to a point so bad, I am starting to think they are racist. It's also the channel that brought such great TV shows as "Drive", a group of people gathered throughout the states that race across America in any way they can by ground vehicle to win a few million dollars and no one knows who set the race up. Brilliant.
How about "Celebrity boxing"? There's nothing better to do but watch old has beens/washouts battle each other in the ring looking like two 5 year olds who don't know a thing about boxing and just wave their arms around screaming. Great TV right there.
So now, Sarah Palin has been hired as a consultant or some sort of commentator. Once again Fox, brilliant choice in itself right there. To me, it's going to be like asking a 4 year old to explain quantum physics. Trainwreck. I mean really, Sarah Palin? It's obvious that Fox is just looking for a temporary boost in ratings and they will drop as soon as the dumbasses out there that watch will remember how boring and "uninformed" Palin is. They'll watch an episode or two and then be smart enough, hopefully to realize and remember why she got the boot and went back to Alaska to watch Russia from her backyard and shoot Moose. She recently said that it was "God's plan" that Mccain chose her to run in the last election. So I guess it was "God's plan" for her to look bad and lose too. I can understand, Mccain probably has known God since the beginning of time and are pretty good buddies.
I for one, will look forward to reading about future spots she will do on Fox news and the dumb things she'll say and believe in. I wonder if they'll let her do a hunting reality show where she hunts throughout Alaska, has John Mccain move in and she takes care of him. I can see it now "Russia is in my backyard but John is in my house".

Not extremely funny but that's all I got. Bite me.


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